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It seems the longer we are alive the greater the opportunity for our hearts to become offended.

Sometimes we are offended because we are immature and don’t have an accurate perspective to be able to appreciate what’s really happening to us.

Other times we really have experienced a wrong that’s been done to us.

As the nearness of Jesus’ return gets closer and closer, the events surrounding this will continue to be more and more extreme in every way. The persecution of Christians will increase and the lies masquerading as truth will exercise their power to deceive even the elect.
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At some level we all have this unspoken knowledge of what it takes to be convinced about something – not just convinced, but truly committed. I guess we all know this at some level, although it’s different for each of us, and likely we can’t clearly articulate it. This brief presentation helps to give clarity to concepts held in my mind, but never really wrestled with long enough to form clearly.

For leaders and influencers I think this video is especially helpful in giving perspective to some keys to motivating people

Likewise this video explains why we follow the leaders we consider to be great.
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