The truth is I have a lot of interests. If someone said I have too many interests I don’t think I would disagree with them.

This blog is about my own personal stuff. It’s not about some of my other interests, but more just about random and various topics as I’m growing, learning, loving, and trying to find my way through life, and trying to help other people doing the same.


Some of the things I’m most interested in are taking pictures. Usually these photographs will end up on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as Facebook and Twitter, and .

I’m by no means a professional photographer. It’s just something I enjoy doing, and like to share with others. I hope you like’em too.

Internet Marketing (not included on this blog)

Another area of interest is in Internet marketing. SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and email marketing are all topics I find incredibly fascinating, especially when used as tools to communicate with people.

We live in an exciting age where given a little work, and a lot of “know how”, an individual can communicate their message to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people, so I find this ever-changing medium of digital communication to be extremely challenging, rewarding and exciting.

If you would like to work with me for anything Internet marketing, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss a few things to see if it might be a good match for us to work together.

Before contacting me, you should know there are lots of websites and topics I simply won’t work on. Anything pharameutical related (pills), adult related (pornograhic), or gambling related (casino) is not anything I would be interested in working with.

If your site isn’t one of those areas, but is questionable there’s a strong likelihood it wouldn’t be a good fit either, but you are welcome to contact me with details and we can talk it over.


Another area of interest I have is regarding music, specifically worship music.

There are a lot of definitions floating around about what “worship music” means, so here’s my definition. If the primary focus of the music is God, I consider it worship music regardless of the idiom.

When I say worship music I’m talking about genre of music in which the focus is God, and Godly attributes such as his love, mercy, love, forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion, love, hope, plans for restoration, healing capacity, etc., did I mention love? I don’t care if it’s country music, Reggae, or instrumental, or anything else.

I’m also very interested in superimposing polyrhythms and metric modulations, especially on drumset.

I’ve never really gone deep with playing them, but I’m fascinated by the way they sound combined with the complexity it requires to be able to execute them accurately. I’ve recently started playing music again, so now polyrhytms and metric modulations are on my radar, so-to-speak. I’m planning on sharing some of this from time to time as I work out experiments.

There’s tons more I could say about music, but I’ll save the rest of if for the blog.

Humor (also not included on this blog)

While I fully admit my brand of off-beat humor is not exactly mainstream, I do enjoy crafting funny one-liner jokes. My favorite guy currently doing this is Tim Siedell. I also like Conan O’Brien, Steve Martin, Jim Gaffigan, and Brian Regan.

It might sound funny (no pun intended), but I think it’s an honorable service to give to someone when you can help them to laugh. We all know laughter is enjoyable and good for us, so combining the creative spark with something genuinely valuable, although not tangible, makes humor rewarding for me.

The Rest of Everything Else

The rest of my interests will be posted right here on the blog, so I’ll let your browse around rather than lay it all out right here, right now.

If you don’t want to browse around the site you can check the Categories and Recent Posts (on the right hand side of the page) to get some idea of what’s what. You can also visit the sitemap to this site and look around there too.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way down to the bottom of the page.

I’ll talk to you soon.