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  • Want to hear from God daily
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  • Find yourself in need of loving encouragement
  • Would love to hear a fresh perspective
  • Desire confirmation and confidence for yourself personally
  • Would like to better understand the season you are currently experiencing
  • Are seeking insight and advance notice regarding what is yet to come

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When you subscribe to the free Daily Prophetic Word for today, you’ll receive daily prophecies direct from the Father’s heart.

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This prophetic word for today is not a one-line description, but is an entire post with enough detail to be helpful, yet brief enough not to take up too much time or leave you feeling confused.

Daily you’ll receive a brief email with bite-sized insights and encouragement inspired by Holy Spirit, directly from the heart of God.

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Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

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In early February of 2012 God began to revive a motive within my heart from something he spoke to me a few years earlier. It had to do with prophesying to individuals, not just giving corporate words for groups.

Honestly, this is where I got my start. My first experiences in prophetic ministry started with giving personal prophecies for people, one at a time (it has only been since January of 2014 or so I started releasing prophetic words to groups of people, publicly). Continue Reading…

Most dreams that come my direction deal with individuals. Essentially they are God speaking to individuals about what’s going on in their life. However, I recently came across a dream I given for the corporate body of believers. Of course it was given to an individual, but it is not meant for this person only, but rather meant to be shared with the rest of us as followers of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading…

God has something for you today.




Listen some more…

Do it daily.

Daily habits make a difference. They make a huge difference over the course of time.

In our world it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and responsibilities that we don’t always take a moment or two to listen to what God has for us. We presume if God has something to tell us he’ll some how get our attention. Continue Reading…

Do you ever feel like you’re hearing things from God, but you just not quite sure?

This is common, and happens to everyone.

At some point along the way we feel like God is speaking to us, showing something, telling us something, revealing his plans, etc., and some how we fall into a bit of doubt. We start feeling like it should be different or things weren’t exactly as I thought they were and we fall into unbelief and doubt that we were hearing from God.

Continue Reading…