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As you continue to seek me, and sit before me, understand you are being transformed. For many of you it will seem big, powerful, even tangible, but for others it will seem small and insignificant. Just know, as you continue to seek me, you have said yes to this path and process, I surely I will honor your choice and bless you accordingly. I will honor the yes within your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I will continue to sustain you as you search for me, and find me in the small and routine matters of your daily life. (1) Continue Reading…

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Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

Daily Prophetic Word Testimonial

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And with your new understanding you’re going to also encounter new experiences. And as you encounter victory in areas of defeat, you’re surely going to gain new experiences. And as limits are being removed and broken off from you, you will surely gain new experiences. Continue Reading…

In days past there have been many seeds planted in your life. And you are now in a season of harvesting. You’re in a season of reaping some of what has been sown previously. So understand this is a season to advance, to expand, to acquire, to possess, and to do so with confidence and boldness. For I am with you in these things and in these days. Continue Reading…

And with all the other new things being added to you in this season, be aware new relationships will be apart of these additions too. For there are key relationships I have in store for you. Your network is going to expand. Your network is going to improve. You’re going to grow and grow, and you’ll be well-connected. Continue Reading…

And as you continue to advance in this season, allow my pleasure for you to surround you and comfort you. For I am well-pleased with you, with your heart, with your life, with all these things. So allow me to surround you with my love, for you bring me great pleasure. Allow yourself to experience the fullness of pleasure with you. My joy will become your strength, and I will sustain you, even in the midst of your challenges.

For this new season will bring you many new rewards and many new challenges. The challenges of this season will serve to prepare you. They will not stop you, nor even slow you down. Instead, the challenges of this season will serve to advance you, to make you stronger, and to reveal yourself to you at a newer level. There is an awakening birthing within you. And in this awakening you will encounter challenges from your past that have defeated you. But in this season you will come to experience and realize the growth from over the years. So when you re-encounter these same challenges from your past, you’re going to do well and you’re going to see and realize your growth, and just how far you have come.

And as you observe your growth, your identity is going to be revealed to you in greater detail. You’re going to see yourself more closely to the way I see you. You’ll see yourself from my perspective. And you’ll not only change your perception of who you are in me, but you’ll also grow in your trust of me too.

For you will see my hand at work in your life. And you will look back to all the days in which you felt your struggle was for nothing, and you will remember. You will remember your heartache. You will remember your confusion. You will remember how you saw no way out. But you will also remember your faith, and remember The One In Whom You Trusted. You will remember how I guided you and directed your very steps. And so you will see your progress, and you will see the goodness of my path, though it may be filled with hardship and confusion at times. And your heart will grow in confidence, knowing I am with you, I am guiding you, and I will never leave you.

So as you look back at your past, and you see these same challenges before your eyes today, do not shrink back in fear or hesitation. For you will overcome. And as you do, your heart will come alive and you will surely possess the territory I’ve marked out for you to possess. And you will experience and know my goodness.

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And these are days of expanse for you. You have entered into a new season according the timing I have for you. And in this season you will find many things. You will find new challenges, new relationships, new truths, new experiences, and new understanding. Continue Reading…

I am extending my mercy to you. For anyone who is willing to accept it I am pouring out my mercy and my forgiveness in generous portions. For I see your struggle, and I see your failures, and I see your great need. I see how you treat yourself. I see how you treat others. So today I am extending my mercy to you. Allow yourself to receive my mercy. Continue Reading…

Allow me to assure you in these days. For there will be times when you do not see me. There will be times when you do not feel my presence. There will be times when you cannot hear me. But nevertheless, I am with you. And in these times of feeling all alone, do not let your heart be troubled. Continue to walk the path before you. Exercise your will to continue the path, and you will see where it will take you. Continue Reading…

In early February of 2012 God began to revive a motive within my heart from something he spoke to me a few years earlier. It had to do with prophesying to individuals, not just giving corporate words for groups.

Honestly, this is where I got my start. My first experiences in prophetic ministry started with giving personal prophecies for people, one at a time (it has only been since January of 2014 or so I started releasing prophetic words to groups of people, publicly). Continue Reading…

Most dreams that come my direction deal with individuals. Essentially they are God speaking to individuals about what’s going on in their life. However, I recently came across a dream I given for the corporate body of believers. Of course it was given to an individual, but it is not meant for this person only, but rather meant to be shared with the rest of us as followers of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading…

God has something for you today.




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Do it daily.

Daily habits make a difference. They make a huge difference over the course of time.

In our world it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and responsibilities that we don’t always take a moment or two to listen to what God has for us. We presume if God has something to tell us he’ll some how get our attention. Continue Reading…

Do you ever feel like you’re hearing things from God, but you just not quite sure?

This is common, and happens to everyone.

At some point along the way we feel like God is speaking to us, showing something, telling us something, revealing his plans, etc., and some how we fall into a bit of doubt. We start feeling like it should be different or things weren’t exactly as I thought they were and we fall into unbelief and doubt that we were hearing from God.

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