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I am so convinced it’s God’s will for our lives to learn things the easy way. Even difficult lessons can be learned in relatively easy ways, if we will listen, follow and obey.

So why do we have such hard lessons?

Typically this is because of one of two reasons. Either we don’t have understanding, or we choose not to follow that understanding.
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The answer to this question is actually quite involved.

Rather than attempt to create an exhaustive resource to answer this I’d rather give you key points to consider – key ideas you can take with you, right now about what makes christianity unique from other religions.

This way you won’t get bogged down in memorizing details and facts (there are plenty), but instead walk away with key ideas to pray about, think about, and ask more questions about.

The first thing that makes Christianity unique is that it really is all about Jesus.
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A friend of mine posted a status update on Facebook, and I was so impressed with the way he was able to articulate the essence behind what is a stumbling block to so many people.

Since his communication was so clear, and well-said, I decided to simply capture it, along with the comments it spawned.
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In my opinion the answer is actually two-fold.

The first reason is because it’s good for us.

The second reason is because it’s good for our enemies.

It’s Good For Us
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