A Call To Sobriety

Neil Vermillion —  April 3, 2019 —  Comments

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Realize the things of yesterday that took years to mature will not take so long in days to come. Those days have passed, and now you have entered into a time of urgency. It is a time to awaken those now sleeping, for the waiting period has caused many to fall asleep. The love of many has faded. The enthusiasm of yesterday has become a sentimental memory, moreso than an active reality. Within many a resentment and disdain towards the very things you were created to do has emerged. So in response to this condition I will revive the original purpose and plan I have already placed within your heart. I will remind you of the things I have already spoken and shared with you. Visions of old will come to your mind again, and you will remember them all as passions are rekindled.

At times it will seem as though situations will not be so gentle. The time for rapid preparation is now upon you, so yes, there will be times of abrupt lessons, and yes, there will be a brevity in the dealings with some of the things presented before you. But remember, none of this is punishment, as all of it is preparation. This is your season to prepare and receive equipping so you can shine and succeed in days ahead. Remember this as you are strengthening muscles you have not used in a long time, because it will not feel pleasant, nor comfortable, and you will be tempted to complain and resist even though I am doing a good thing for you. (1)

This is a time of bringing sobriety to those now intoxicated. Some of my children are drunk on the lies of this world, and the purity in which they first started has become compromised. They have made peace with things they should have no tolerance for. A refreshing fire, a time of revisiting your original perspective will be required in order to reacquaint you with the reality of where you are, as well as the destination and end goal of the path you are currently traveling. This reality check will sober you quickly. (2)

Many of you will respond to these gentle nudges and it will correct your perspective as it revives your heart once again, which is the purpose behind all these minor pains, signals, and shakings – to awaken you back to your first love. (3)

So do not ignore these calls. Respond to them and embrace them quickly. Open your heart, open your ears, open your eyes, for in your sober thinking, openness to my spirit, and receptivity to my will there will be safety. As you follow my guidance by my spirit, I will bring you to, and keep you in, the place of safety. We will dwell together in closeness and your heart will be full of joy, fulfillment, and freedom. (4)

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