A Line Being Drawn In The Sand

Neil Vermillion —  December 9, 2019 —  Comments

This day I am strengthening you and taking you to that next level in the plans I have for you. I am removing the obstacles and setting you on a different, faster, and more difficult track. While this is a time of promotion, it is also a time of greater expectation and responsibility as well. It is a time to expand and increase, and it is going to require specific and deliberate efforts from you in order to do so. (1)

But know it is not all work, and no play. It is not total stress throughout every minute of the day. There will be time for work and accomplishment, but there will also be reprieve and recreation so you are able to continue. Circumstances in your life are preparing to break lose, so be mindful of the pressures of the day for they will grant you specific insights as to what to expect, but also how to respond to what lies in store. There is time for rest and contemplation, but the days of frivolity are gradual coming to an end. There is a line being drawn in the sand and you will have to choose which side of the line you want to make your stand. (2)

All these things must come, for they must happen. So know, this is the direction of all the events, and it all part of my plan. None of these will be avoidable. There will be no place to hide. All of these circumstances will come to every person, in every location, and no one will be omitted. Understand these days are brief, but crucial, for there is no time to waste in terms of preparation, but also response. (3)

It will surprise you if you are asleep. If you have not taken the time to observe the environment of your landscape, you could be surprised and find yourself ill-prepared. (4)

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(2) Psalm 4:8, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Matthew 12:30
(3) Matthew 24:6, Isaiah 43:13, Psalm 90:12, Ephesians 5:16
(4) Matthew 26:45, 2 John 1:7, John 14:3

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