A Quick Work Of Connecting And Cross Pollinating

Neil Vermillion —  July 8, 2015 —  Comments

I am working to expand your network. I am working to join you together with like-minded people you need to connect with. I am intersecting skill sets, social circles, backgrounds, and spheres of influence in order to cross pollinate my people to accomplish my work. For as the day and hour continues to progress, the hour is growing closer and closer. So with this in mind, understand I am twisting, and watering, and and shaking, adjusting all that is needed in order to be accomplish my plans in my perfect timing.

And I am bridging the gaps in networks. And I am opening up connections and introductions outside of what you would normally spheres. So as you see my spirit moving, do not be afraid. Do not hesitate. Do not quench this movement. For it will be a glorious time of connection, unity, and expanse for my people. I will bring kindred spirits together and they will unite together hand in hand.

I will join those who are not be the same, even opposites, in order to compliment the other. And it will be a glorious, beneficial, fruitful joining in relationship because it will bring together what is lacking individually. This is how I am cross pollinating my people. And though I am speaking of it now, and have mentioned it in the past, still it will catch many of you by surprise.

But do not worry if you see these unions coming together, or if you do not. For regardless if you perceive them in advance or not, I am doing this work amongst my people in this hour. And it will be a shaking and a shifting, and it will be beautiful, glorious, quick work for those who love me.

And with this quick work of cross pollination, many will find themselves uprooted, in new soil, new lands, planted in new territory. So as you see these things, do not fear or be apprehensive, for I am relocating members according to my plans in order to cross pollinate my people as is needed. This relocation with both bless you, as well as be a blessing to you. And through it all, my works will be accomplished as these new relationships are established.

So understand, my dear, Faithful Ones, I am moving, shaking, redistributing, uprooting, relocating, and connecting many people, and people groups, in this season of cross pollination across my body.

For I am bridging gaps and overcoming hurdles. I am connecting those who lack with those who lack not. I am joining those with resources and experience with those who lack them both. So understand this is my doing. As you find your plans and timetables have been turned sideways, give yourself permission to cooperate with it, rather than resisting and fighting against it.

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