A Release Of Grace To Abandon Cultural Idolatry

Neil Vermillion —  April 9, 2019 —  Comments

I have released grace to lay down your idols. I have given you perspective to help you identify them, and know what they are, but I have also given you strength to abandon them. Many of these idols are comforting to you, even though they will harm you and lead to your demise. They offer a form of comfort to you, and for this reason, I will help you forget about them. Because it will be difficult for many of you to turn your back on them, and leave them far behind, I will assist you. (1)

Some of these idols are cultural. They seem reasonable to you because of the culture in which you live. They represent what is thought to be normal and expected. But this culture is not how I measure things, and this culture is not reality. It is a false reality, a false comfort masquerading as an angel of light. Who would knowingly consume poison just because it tastes good? Yet many of your idols do this very thing to you. They poison you will sweet-tasting delights, sweet-tasting lies, and in the end they lead to your death and misery. (2)

So I am removing these idols of culture from your life because I love and want the best for you. It is my desire to liberate you from the voluntary bondage of these lies, and to free you from these poisons of your culture. (3)

So understand some of the things I am requiring to lay down, forget, and abandon will not seem obvious. It will seem bizarre and foreign to you at first. But as you continue to take time to sit before me, and allow my spirit to guide, influence, and instruct you, your perspective will change. As you allow my word to guide, influence, and instruct you, you will begin to see the specs of dust in your eyes. (4)

For you live in a time in which the culture has a huge influence. It is a voice constantly speaking, constantly talking, constantly pushing and nudging. So think it not strange, that this idol will be the first place in which you will find a bit of conflict, a bit of misunderstanding, and a bit of disconnect with what I am saying, and what I have intended for you to do. The culture you are born of is not of this world, for you are but strangers and travelers, citizens of heaven. As the two cultures collide, they will clash and there will be a battle occupy, a battle for dominance, and a battle to rule. (5)

These places of battle will take place predominantly in your heart and mind, but also in your environment too. There are many cultures, and even micro cultures that will need to be confronted, for they are not of me. They do not line up with me. They do not honor me. The do not agree with me, nor are they compatible with me and my will. They are evil, dangerous, and destructive though they look pleasing at first glance. They live and reside within you. They live in your heart and in your mind. So understand the primary battleground is in your heart and your mind, in the thoughts you entertain, and the emotions you choose to perpetuate. (6)

So as this battle for dominance continues and escalates, realize I have given you strength to make the necessary changes. I am here to help, assist, and enlighten you as I continue to show you the path of righteousness. I have paid a great price to set you free, and I will certainly do my part to make a way for you in every situation, but you must also do your part. You must cooperate, follow, and obey. (7)

Together we will walk and abide in freedom. We will walk together in perfect love in all things, casting aside vain imaginations, and every thought and pretense that resurrects itself to hinder the knowledge of Christ. (8)

Understand, all of this confrontation and identifying and abandoning your idols, forgetting about your Earthly culture in order to embrace your heavenly culture, is really all about your freedom. For it is my desire for you to fully possess and manifest the freedom already afforded you in every area of your life – to live, love, and be free from every single thing that would hinder or shackle you. It is for freedom Christ set you free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (9)

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