A Release Of Grace To Abandon Generational Idolatry

Neil Vermillion —  April 10, 2019 —  Comments

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I have given you my grace to empower you. My grace will remind you of the truth you already know, and activate the strength you already possess, so you can know you are free and release yourself from the shackles of the idols handed down to you from your forefathers. I have given you the grace to break from generational traditions and walk in the liberty and freedom of my spirit. (1)

No doubt breaking ties with the idols of the culture of the day is significant. Also significant is breaking away from other idols currently present and active in many of the hearts and minds of my people. These are the idols handed down through the generations, over and over again. These generational idols will not stand, will not suffice, will not lead to life, but will deceive you, hinder you, and rob you from all I have in store for you. (2)

As I continue to remind you of my grace, my strength will go with you to allow you to break free from generational traditions, the idols of your forefathers. Like the idols of your culture, these idols of generations will seem so normal to you. They will seem so familiar, reasonable, and logical. They will seem so comforting you will not perceive them to be idolatrous whatsoever.

But along with my strength, I have also given you my wisdom to know and understand. I will highlight key issues in your heart and mind, to bring these to the forefront so we can identify them and deal with them together.

I am calling my people to lay down their grand visions for their lives, their grand plans, demands, and expectations. I am calling my people to abandon the notions how they will make themselves great, and make their own names great in this Earth. Within this calling I will grant the faithful ones my plans, visions, and expectations for their lives, and the beauty and wisdom of this exchange will be glorious, though it will be counter cultural and counter intuitive, and will feel like death at first. (3)

Over time, as these things continue to be revealed, the beauty, wisdom, and goodness of my plans will become more and more evident. For my plans and my ways are great, and as the necessity of these plans becomes more and more evident, so you shall see things as they truly are. There will be much gratitude and appreciation for the provision set before my people, for the ones who answer and obey my call and abandon the idols passed down to them from generations past. (4)

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