A Season Of Transition And An Environment Of Preparation

Neil Vermillion —  May 29, 2018 — Leave a comment

The days soon coming for you are the days you have been longing for. In these days you will meet opportunity with the preparation you have accumulated from years past, and will not only see and understand so much of what you have already experienced, but will also awaken a higher perspective and appreciation of your present state in conjunction to the direction I have set before you. With this you will understand and discern more clearly and more completely the significance of the here and now, and will have greater peace, but also greater confidence, as a result. (1)

Run into the center of your present day turmoil, for this turmoil is not punishment, but transition. This turmoil is not a penalty of any kind, though it appears to be from a distance. The turmoil you see on your horizon bears the aroma of change, transition, and preparation. The cloudy forecast on your horizon is not death, nor destruction, but is actually new life, and the process of birthing this new life.

So embrace what is coming and do not run away from it, for as it spawns new direction, new preparation, and new life you will find it is wonderful blessing. The change will develop and manifest in seasons soon to come. It will not happen quickly and it will not manifest with maturity any time soon, but nevertheless the change is coming and it will certainly knock upon your door. So know this and be prepared for it. Do not be foolish. Do not be asleep. Be alert, awake, and active; participate with all you have and all you can. Do not be afraid. Do not be apprehensive, but do all you can in response to the transition I have initiated in your life presently. (2)

The transition itself will not be terribly difficult, but it will be confusing. The transition will look ominous and destructive, even though it will not produce any of these kinds of results. Do not fear the transition, but embrace it, for it will give way to greater blessings as it enhances your life, but also removes layers of rubbish accumulated from misunderstanding, presumption, and ill-timed reactions. (3)

Know this transition will be good for you, even though it will look uncertain. The most difficult aspect of this transition will not be the work itself, but the confusion and the uncertainty from its perception at a distance. It will look difficult and painful, but you will be pleasantly surprised as you discover it is not.

Also be aware this season of transition is an environment of preparation for decades yet to come. Understand it will serve a very real and valuable purpose in the short term by moving you, correcting you, enhancing what needs to be enhanced, but also reducing things that need to be removed. This environment and season of preparation will add valuable and lasting experience in preparation for seasons in your distant future. (4)

With this in mind, you have another reason to be deliberate in your intentional response of embracing this day of preparation and season of transition. It will hold great and significant benefits and results for you in the short term, but will prove to be even more beneficial and meaningful to you in the long term.

So as you embrace this newness and transition, do not be foolish, but be wise. Have your eyes open; have your ears open. Be aware of your surroundings as well as the larger context of your decisions. Be aware of the company you keep and what you say and what you do, for all of these things will hold a degree of significance to you. Do not take them lightly, nor under estimate their significance either individually, nor collectively, for what I am giving you will not be easy, and there is no need to make it any more difficult than it already will be.

(1) Isaiah 40:5
(2) Luke 18:8, Ephesians 5:17, 1 Peter 5:8
(3) Philippians 3:8
(4) 1 Corinthians 2:9, Romans 8:18

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