A Time Of Birthing Your Confidence In Me

Neil Vermillion —  December 19, 2018 —  Comments

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As you continue to sit before me, and as you continue to stir your heart towards the things of me, you will grow in the knowledge and experience of me. You will be changed in small ways and changed in big ways. You will begin to be moved by the things that move my heart. The things that matter to me, will begin to matter to you too. (1)

And it will be a time of birthing confidence. The confidence will not be in yourself, but will be in me. As you come away with me, know me, understand me, love me, follow me, we will become acquainted with each other again and again. And as our history together continues to grow, you will grow in the manifestation of my character. I will reveal myself to you, and you will know me by spirit. I will talk with you face to face, and you will know the things of my heart. (2)

As our history together continues to build, your walk with me will become unshakable. You will no longer be double-minded, thinking in terms of doubts and uncertainties. You will see things finished, even before they start. Your mind will think differently than it does now, and you will understand things differently than you do now. And though it all sounds odd and mysterious, growing in the knowledge of me will be glorious, it will be marvelous, and you will be unable to remember how you were ever so insecure in days past. (3)

I will show you even greater details about my plans for you. As you see things begin to emerge you will discern their timelines, and you will discern their seasons. You will be fully aligned with me in these things, and your heart will come alive with confidence as you continue to know me day by day. As these plans continue to unfold, you will know the God that never sleeps, the God that never forgets, and the God that sees even the littlest details and nothing escapes my sight. (4)

You will abide in a greater understanding. You will gain a more clear perspective about all I am doing in this world and even the things I am yet to do. You will walk in confidence and you will understand what paths you should choose. You will understand when to move to the right, or move to the left. You will know the days of waiting, but you will also know the days of advancement. I will make all things clear to you, as you continue to make time to know me heart by heart. (5)

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