A Time Of Correction For You

Neil Vermillion —  February 28, 2019 —  Comments

Today is a time of correction for you, my Dearly Beloved. In this time you will gain new insights into your old habits. Your mindsets of old, and the way you have done things in the past will be reexamined. The way you believe, and do not believe, will be reexamined, and many new insights about all of these things will be revealed to you. In these insights you will see what is right, and what is wrong – you will see them both. With these insights you will see how to improve and expand what is good and right, and you will also see how you can take what you have been given already and multiply it. You will see how you can utilize what you already possess to be even more effective and even more productive. (1)

In this time of reexamination many things will be highlighted to you, for I have poured out my grace to help you discern accurately and righteously. I have given you my spirit to help you understand what needs to be adjusted, and also what needs to be left alone. In this time you will see many things as I reveal them to you, and what you will find will be startling and amazing to you. But know I will not overwhelm you, nor will I frighten you. I will not scare you, nor will I show you things in order to cause fear within you. (2)

Remember this when you see big obstacles or see things that look intimidating. Remember I am revealing it to you for your knowledge and preparation, to help you understand and discern where you are presently, but also where you are going as well. All the things I am showing you, you will overtake and possess in the due course of time.

Even though I am showing you blueprints and foundations of what is yet to come, realize there is a process involved. Just because you understand and are able to see how things will finish does not mean it will happen instantly. There is still a natural pace in which all these things will grow and develop. So just trust in my timing, my guidance, and my discretion as I continue to reveal issues within your heart, setting you on course for what is yet to come. As we walk together in this revelation, all these things for your correction will empower you and prepare you to be even more fruitful, even more productive. (3)

It is my desire that you prosper and succeed in all the things I have assigned to you. As you have been faithful to receive your assignment, so I will also be faithful to train and equip you to accomplish all these things. Remember all this time of correction is very necessary and very important. I correct you because I love you and because I want the very best for you. Believe me when I say if it were not important I would not do it. I would not waste your time. (4)

Trust all the things I am bringing to your attention are for great purpose and because they matter. They are important to me, but they are also important to you as well as the people whose lives you will affect. There are many blessings I will release through you for the people around you, for you will be a vessel of my blessing. So remember all these blessings are not just for you, but also those you will have influence with as well. Over time you will see and understand better the importance of it all, and the lasting significance of my correction for you.

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