A Time Of Great Harvest And Great Effort And Great Work

Neil Vermillion —  February 14, 2019 —  Comments

In your heart and in your mind I am building but releasing greater anticipation of the near future. There are events and happenings in the near future that will shake the world, turn heads, and provoke hearts. Eyes will be shifted off the day to day events, onto topics of eternal significance. In these events, in these shakings, many will ask difficult questions, requiring tough answers, and strength and courage to deliver them clearly and accurately. (1)

Know I am preparing you for these days now. I am putting you on a path that will enable you to more fully cooperate with my plans as these events unfold. As you are faithful to remain in your training grounds, enduring the training season, know I will surely advance you and promote you to the rightful place in due time. Even while you are in training, and even while you are undergoing your learning and refining process, I am building and birthing a new anticipation for the days ahead.

The days coming soon will be exciting, and they will be adventurous. They will even be chaotic and seemingly out of control, but in the midst of all this mess and chaos, know I am working on hearts and minds. I am working behind the scenes to accomplish my plans and purposes within you, and through you for others. While this time may seem full of hardship and pain, I will give you eyes to see and a heart that will respond in love to difficult things. (2)

While this difficult season will surely look unpleasant, I am birthing within you an eager anticipation of the great and mighty things I will do. Your heart will respond differently as you continue to know and understand, as well as anticipate, the things yet to be revealed. While the rest of the world will be running around in panic, fear, and chaos your perspective will be like water to a thirsty man. Your perspective will calm others, and will attract those searching for answers.

Even though it will look messy, it will be a glorious and miraculous time. It will be a time of great harvest, great effort, and great work. So as you continue to taste and see, and understand and rightly discern the hour in which you are living, your perspective will not be of same perspective of the people in this world. You will see things and understand them differently. (3)

Simultaneously I am releasing new understanding of your visions of old. I am refining and showing you new levels and new purposes of things of old, in preparation for the days soon to come. While this will require you to also revisit failures, know I am working to confirm many things in your heart in order to prepare you for the days ahead. I am releasing new understanding and new perspective to the old visions, showing you significance you did not see before. I am reviving the old visions, and rekindling original passions within your heart for the purposes already established within you. (4)

There are visions, plans, purposes, and giftings within you long since forgotten and abandoned. These are the very things I desire to restore within you. The visions of old, the plans of old, and the desires of your heart will be revived and it will be both new and familiar, for it will be improved and updated.

As these continue to birth within your heart and spirit, know it is in conjunction with the preparation of the near future. Know it is to prepare you, to release you to the place of not only fulfillment, but destiny too. These things have never been forgotten by me. These things have never been neglected by me. I will redeem, and I will restore the things lost, stolen, and forgotten. I will redeem the years of sacrifice, and you will walk in wholeness and in your rightful place of destiny found in me. (5)

While the mess before your eyes is very real, and very great, trust I am able to make provision for you despite of your present surroundings. These things are but small to me, and they are but temporary to me, while the purposes and plans I have for you are so much greater than the obstacles and situations you are facing, or will ever face.

So look to me, and show yourself strong and faithful, and you will see it come to pass. As you continue to follow, listen, and believe you will surely see it all come to pass.

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9, Luke 21:15, Hebrews 12:27
(2) Psalm 27:1, Luke 12:22-26
(3) Matthew 9:35-38, Luke 19:44
(4) Genesis 26:18, Ephesians 2:10
(5) Psalm 56:8, Joel 2:25

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