A Time Of Pouring Out Grace

Neil Vermillion —  March 18, 2019 —  Comments

Today is a day to observe and enjoy my presence as you continue to drink from me. There is so much I have for you, and there is so much I will pour out to you as search me, find me, and enjoy me. This season of pouring out will help establish you in days ahead, for these days will surely be challenging for you. You will be tested beyond your current limits and the testing will be hard. The testing will be extreme. It will seem, not just difficult, but impossible. So in order to prepare you for these days I have given you my grace. I have allowed you to enter into my grace of preparation and enjoyment. (1)

It is my plan to equip you, establish you, and train you so when days of adversity come you will be well prepared. It is my plan for you to not only survive, but to shine through all of it as my people. I desire to have you shine so bright that hearts will be confronted, and people will not be able to reconcile the answers on their own. They will be forced to ask you, and forced to face the reality of who I am. (2)

I desire to show myself through my people, through My Beloved, my Dear Ones, My Bride. You will surely see these challenges coming long before they arrive, so understand it is my plan to take you through these days and challenges, not around them. It is my plan to bring you through these adversities so your light will shine to others that do not yet know me. You will be used as agents of hope, agents of strength, agents of mercy, and agents of reconciliation. (3)

I will awaken hearts in the days ahead. Through the adversity many will become perplexed, and will find no peace until they come to know me. As I move about and shake all that can be shaken, know this is the very center of my will for you. This is exactly where I want you to be. This is the very location in which I will be placing you. So understand adversity and difficulty will surely be coming. But also understand I am in the process of equipping you and empowering you with my grace in preparation. My grace has gone before you, and will allow you to succeed where you have failed in the past. My grace will support and sustain you through all things. (4)

When the days begin to get hot, know they will get much hotter, and this is only the training grounds of preparation for you. This is only the beginning. Know as you see storms and darkness approaching on the horizon, it will get much worse before it gets better, but also remember you will not be harmed, but will function as the agents I have created, called, and prepared you to be. (5)

So do not shrink back in fear. Do not hesitate. Do not wonder nor be confused. Know this is the day in which you are living and the time and season for which you have been born for. All these things will surely come to pass, but through it all I will be with you every step of the way, and we will grow closer and closer like never before. Your hearts will be fully alive with my joy, hope, and peace in spite of all that surrounds you. You will not be shaken, even though everyone and everything around you will be. Your foundation will be solid, and will sustain you and keep you. (6)

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