A Time of Quick Training

Neil Vermillion —  November 13, 2018 —  Comments

Even this season is a time of quickness. It is a time of revelation, a time of greater understanding, and yes even a time of greater possession of all things. The day is at hand as I continue to knock on the door of your heart. It is time to be active and awake, knowing fully all I have in store, and all I have planned for you. It is a time to act, not merely to know, for in the doing you will come to know more, and come to acquire what you presently lack. (1)

It is a time of quick training. Even though you have been given talents, even still training and experience is required in order to develop these talents. There is preparation required. There is foundation required. There is diligence required. I will supply all that is required, and all you lack. I will point you in the direction, but also give you instructions for every step along the way. (2)

Do not look to your past as an indicator how circumstances will develop, or how rapidly you will advance in the future, for today is a season of quick training and a day of rapid advancement.

In generations past things moved more slowly. When you were young, you needed more time, and thus, more time was given. In times past things seemed to grow ever-so-slowly, but in this day there is an acceleration, to accommodate the circumstances in which you will find yourself, but also in order to refine and develop the skills, talents, and experience you already possess. There is a brevity to the time of preparation and maturity you will experience in order to provide not only greater challenge, but greater reward as well. (3)

The fruit is getting ripe as we speak, so be mindful of this day and hour, and do not harden your heart, nor resist the call of my spirit. Even in this season of the harvest becoming ripe, it is a time of tenderizing hearts towards me. It is a time of restoring your first love. It is a time to resurrect the old feelings, old plans, and old dreams I have already given you. It is a time of awakening people and calling them into my kingdom. It is a time of reckoning and a time of planning. It is a time of urgency and significance. (4)

Do not disqualify yourself in your own assessment. Do not look and say, “I am too old”, “I am too young”, “I am too small”, “I am too weak”, for I have made and have prepared you, and continue to do so. I am moving you in this day to shape you for all you will encounter now, but also in preparation for what is still yet to come. Do not sell yourself short. Do not disqualify yourself, for I have called you, and chosen you. I will advance you quickly and supply all you lack. (5)

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