A Time Of Rejuvenating

Neil Vermillion —  November 22, 2018 —  Comments

My heart is calling out to you, my dear ones. I am calling to your secret places from deep within me. It is a time of my heart drawing you closer to me, to know me more, and to see me in a more personal, more intimate manner than you have in years past. It is the deep things within you that I desire to fulfill within you. I desire to reveal myself to you, and for you to know me face to face. (1)

In this calling of the deeper things I will require a slowing down of your pace at times. I will require you to forget the busyness of your life, and remember the goodness of who I am and all I offer you. I will require you to sit alone and allow the soft things, the subtle things to begin to knock on the door of your heart and open those channels to hear me as you come to know me better. (2)

It is a time of rejuvenating, and it is a time of going deeper. It is a time of knowing me personally, not just becoming familiar with the idea of me. I desire to pull your heart close to mine. I desire to know you, and to be known by you. In this time of rejuvenating I will require quietness, so don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to spend time sitting at my feet, listening, thinking, praying, soaking and relaxing together with me in my presence. (3)

This practice and habit is needed and will help restore your inner strength in significant ways for the days ahead. It will rejuvenate you where you are depleted, and will strengthen the areas in which you are weak. Come away with me and let me lavish my heart, my goodness, and my essence upon you as I continue to reveal myself to you and rejuvenate you again and again. (4)

(1) Psalm 91:1, James 4:8, 1 Corinthians 13:12
(2) James 5:7, Revelation 3:20
(3) Psalm 27:4, 1 John 4:16
(4) Ephesians 4:23, Acts 3:20, Jeremiah 31:25

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