A Time To Be Prepared

Neil Vermillion —  October 3, 2016 — Leave a comment

For my plans for you will fulfill you in every way. My plans for you will sustain you today, and in the future. My plans for you will satisfy all the desires and longings placed within you, for these are the very reason they have been given you in the first place. So allow me to show my great strength and generosity in your life. Allow me to demonstrate my capacity to provide all you could ever want or need, and do so frequently and consistently.

As you experience me in this way your heart will be touched, moved, and transformed. For the accusation you hold on to will be loosened and you will come to know me more closely as I truly am, rather than the notions of me you have adopted. Your heart will be moved as you continue to experience me in this way, for you will be confronted by the truth that I will provide for you better than you would ever provide for yourself. I will provide not only what you need, but also what you want too. I will bring you to a place of ultimate satisfaction and your heart will be made whole as you drink in the glory of my presence and our friendship and union together.

So allow yourself to remain open to what I have for you in the moment, for I am moving and shaking. I am awakening and instructing. I am promoting and advancing, so do not be caught asleep, for this is truly a time to be alert, and also prepared.

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