A Time To Give Full Expression To The Message Within You

Neil Vermillion —  December 27, 2018 —  Comments

Yes, there is a time of refreshing surely just before you. My spirit is coming to you more personally, more powerfully than before to those whose hearts are hungry, thirsty, and responsive to me. Surely I will put a song within your heart. Surely I will put a dance within your feet. Surely you were made to engage with me in worship, and find great pleasure and satisfaction in doing so. (1)

You will thrive in worship, so let yourself be consumed with your expression of how you can worship. There is no good thing you should refrain from in your act of worship. There are no boundaries I have placed upon you. Let yourself run free. Let yourself run wild with your new thoughts and pursue the fullness of the expression I have put within your hearts. Do not be limited by traditions or conventions of the past, but allow the spark of creative innovation to inspire the directions and expressions I have for you. Do not allow previous definitions to hinder your time, action, or method, for I am before all things, and in me all things are held together, and in this you will experience true and lasting liberation. (2)

Though you have been active in the past, I am doing a new thing and this new thing cannot be contained in the vessels of old. The new wine cannot be held in old wineskins. And though it will look and feel odd to you at times, trust I am moving on this Earth with great power and stirring up hearts and circumstances differently than I have in the past, and as a result new expressions and revelations will begin to emerge. (3)

The time is drawing near, and surely I am calling all men unto myself. I am calling all people of all nations, colors, ages, and backgrounds drawing them closer to my heart. It is a time of embracing the secrets I have hidden within your heart as you allow them to flourish. It is a time to give full expression to the message and purpose I have put within you. It is a time to come away with me in our secret garden and delight in each other, as we gaze at each other, knowing each other without compromise, hindrance, or reservation. (4)

(1) Acts 3:20, Joel 2:28-29
(2) 2 Corinthians 3:17, Colossians 1:16-17
(3) Isaiah 43:19, Matthew 9:17
(4) John 12:32, 2 Corinthians 5:20-21, Mark 16:15

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