A Time To Rejoice

Neil Vermillion —  August 6, 2019 —  Comments

As you experience your limits and the end of yourself you will learn to reach out to me. The little strength you have deceives you, leading you to believe you have sufficient strength to accomplish things on your own. Many of the trials put before you have been initiated to help you come to your limits and realize you need help, and to realize you are not sufficient alone. You will need the help of others and you will need my help in order to make your way and to accomplish the vision I have purposed within you. (1)

Some of you are strong, and you desire to do things without others, all by yourself. You desire to do things even without my help or cooperation. So you pursue my plans without me. You pursue my tasks without me. You do this because you are strong, but this is the deception. In all these things we are to do all of them together. We are to accomplish all these things in cooperation. Even though it is difficult, the trials and situations that cause you to face your limits are sent to you motivated by my kindness to help you to realize you are not all sufficient by yourself. These pressures and difficulties will confront the pride and arrogance within your heart. They will also confront the reality of your limits, weaknesses, and inabilities to accomplish and achieve without me. (2)

Be confident I am with you. In the times of hitting your limits do not be discouraged, but rejoice! Rejoice that the vision and the tasks I have given, though difficult and large, will not be given you without my participation too. Rejoice you are not alone in these things. Rejoice we will do them all together, and in this fellowship you will grow by leaps and bounds. You will grow deeply and you will also grow quickly. Though painful and uncomfortable at times, your growth will be glorious as you surrender to this truth, and the reality I have imposed upon you. (3)

Rejoice as you face these hardships, and rejoice you have come to the knowledge that you, yourself, are not your own savior. Rejoice I have made a way for you despite of all the obstacles, hindrances, and distractions. Rejoice in your failures and rejoice in the lessons learned. Rejoice in the humility these trials have helped to develop. Rejoice in the understanding of greater truth you have acquired and are now able to share with others. In all these things rejoice! (4)

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