Abiding in Confidence And Security

Neil Vermillion —  March 30, 2016 —  Comments

The discomfort you feel within you is the birthing and awakening of the strength I’ve placed within you. It is a yearning for the potential within you to manifest its maturity. For you think too much. And even now I speak to you and you hear, but as I talk your mind wanders and moves quickly into doubt and disbelief.

So let go of your apprehensions and allow yourself to be guided by my spirit. Allow yourself to follow without constantly questioning the direction, the motives, and the timing. You want too much, and you want it without waiting for the right time. You are inexperienced and unaware.

Because you do not know, you look to what you have already seen, what you have experienced already, even though it is inadequate. And in doing so you miss the new things I am doing. You miss the new things I am presenting to you, even in this very moment.

And still I sit with you waiting and waiting. I am so patient to you because you are so slow to understand. Even still my heart is overwhelmed with my great love for you. Even though you are slow I am not angered, for I understand you are but weak. You are but dust formed in the frailty of jars of clay. You are here today and gone tomorrow. The span of your life flashes before your eyes, but you are unable to slow it down or extend its duration.

And my heart is touched and moved by all this, for I have seen it from before the beginning. And this is the very reason I have come down to make a place among you, living with you as my people, and I as you God. So let me continue to love you and encourage you. For I will show you things you have never dreamed of. I will show you what you are lacking and bring you to the fields of true abundance in every area of your life.

Your days of lack will be removed and forgotten forever, as you continue to open yourself to the influence of my spirit. As you continue to receive all I have you will move away from your doubt and disbelief and will abide in confidence and security.

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