Abiding In Greater Confidence

Neil Vermillion —  July 22, 2016 —  Comments

When you come to your limits you will experience my provision and possibility in new ways. As you encounter the impossibilities you face in your life, you will come to know me, my will, and my power and provision in new ways. As you resolve to persist, even though you do so in faith, believing, you will experience my heart, my power, and my plans in new ways. And you will come to know me like you would never have known me if you had remained in the safety and comfort of what is familiar and reasonable to you.

But because you are willing to step past your own comfort you will grow and experience me. Because you are willing to step past what is reasonable, and experiment as you follow the unction of my spirit in your circumstances, you will also grow, and will experience me in new ways. I am with you in all things, and though you feel limited at times, understand I will bring you to the very edge of your potential and will reside with you as you persist in possession the full growth and manifestation of your untapped potential.

Though this potential is yours, it will not be handed to you. Though it is reserved for you, it will not bear fruit if you remain idle, hidden, apprehensive, or complacent. As you see delays in your life, resolve to persevere and persist. Resolve to always continue, and never give up. Resolve to keep yourself on the right path, at the right time, in the right manner, and allow me to confirm all these things as you listen to my soft, faint whispers in your ear, and in your heart.

And keep your eyes open for my hand in your circumstances. Recognize it is I who have shaken these things in your life. It is I who has taken and removed the crutches you have been leaning on. It is I who has kicked out your props, the things you have built your security and stability upon. I have removed these things in your life not to harm you, but to liberate you from them. And as you observe my movement in your circumstances, continue to accept and embrace what I am doing, though it may be painful, uncomfortable, and even confusing to you.

For I am moving and working as I trim the fat in your life today, in many ways. I am pruning the excess in your circumstances in many ways, working and perfecting the issues in your heart, allowing you to abide in greater confidence and cooperation with my love.

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