Abiding In My Peace

Neil Vermillion —  August 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you continue to hear my voice, and follow my path for you, you will find yourself in a state of peace that cannot be robbed from you. Even though you experience trials, hardships, confusions, and delays, my peace will transcend all these things, allowing you to abide in comfort and peace regardless your situation. So as you encounter responsibilities and difficulties of the day, do not allow fear, anxiety, or confusion to rob you of your peace, but remember who I am, and all I have for you.

For in knowing me, and knowing my words, promises and plans for your life you will abide in a reality that transcends and supersedes the environment your eyes can see. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal, and what your eyes can see is here today, but gone tomorrow. So allow me to continue to whisper in your ear the very thing you need to hear, and do so consistently, and continually.

For I will give you understanding and discernment. I will give you the capacity to judge in the moment which direction to travel, and which direction to avoid. I will give you the ability to make sound decisions, and to accurately determine priorities in your life.

I will also inspire you to grow. I will guide you to experiences that will awaken the depths of who you are, and will challenge you to rise to the occasion. I will provoke and awaken you, for I see your potential within you and will assist you in growing, maturing, developing, and realizing this potential. For I gave it to you for a reason. I planted this potential within you deliberately and specifically. So rest and trust in me, in my timing, and in my plans for your life, for surely I will guide you, instruct you, and protect you along your way.

And in the knowledge and acceptance of this truth you can surely rest. You can rest in my peace and allow me to guide you, especially in the times you do not fully understand what is happening, or why it is happening. For in these times I will continue to guide you, and in these times my peace will be especially comforting to you. Understand there are many things beyond your own capacity to fully comprehend. So put your anxiety on to my shoulders, for I will carry you. I will carry you, guide you, protect you and provide for you – all as you abide within my peace.

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