Abiding In The Lap Of My Comfort

Neil Vermillion —  November 20, 2015 —  Comments

When you are feeling down, and weak, and incapable, let yourself fall into the lap of my comfort for you. For in this world you will have trouble, but in the lap of my comfort you will realize I have already overcome all these things in this world. And as you continue to cast your cares and worries upon me day after day you will find nothing surprises me.

In this place of comfort I will speak to you and remind you of the words I’ve already given you. I will remind you of the hope you have. I will remind you of where you’ve come from. I will remind you of who you are in union with me. I will remind you of the glorious riches for you. I will remind you of the greater hope lying within you, still waiting to be fully revealed in all its glory.

And though you already know some of these things in your mind, as you sit in the lap of my comfort your heart will receive it again. Your heart will be renewed and the dryness of the facts will not diminish its effect. You will be renewed and restored, and the hope I give you will certainly not disappoint you. For in all these trials, delays, and difficulties we are united together, joined together in perfect unity and harmony. And you will see and understand and comprehend the wonderful delight and beauty of our union together, and knowing this will shape your current perspective.

Over the course of time, as you continue to sit in the lap of my comfort your perspective will remain changed, and you will see the landscape of your life very differently than you do now, and differently than you have in the past. For you will see things in comparison to who I am. And you will see things in comparison to who you are in me. And you will see the obstacles, trials, delays, and challenges set before you as truly temporary, no longer worrying about how you will ever manage to overcome them.

As you continue to sit in the lap of my comfort you will experience my love and security and will be changed and transformed, not only in your mind, but in your heart as well. And you will drink and be satisfied, and you will know you are loved and protected, and your heart will begin to expand in the knowledge of my love for you.

So do not think you are foolish to sit with me. Do not think it is pointless. Do not consider it to be a waste of time. For in this time spent together you will encounter me in ways you cannot fully imagine. You will come to know me when it matters most, when you need me most. And you will see my faithfulness, and experience my reliability as you experience my undying, unwavering love for you.

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