Abiding In A State Of Peace And Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  April 3, 2017 —  Comments

I know there are times you feel totally empty, as though you have nothing left to give whatsoever. I know you feel weak and tired, you feel helpless and overwhelmed. I have seen these emotions and thoughts within you, and I know them well. I am more than well acquainted with these sentiments, but even still let me remind you my spirit is greater than these things. For these things will come, and surely you will encounter days and times in which you will experience them all. But so also will you experience my grace. So also will you experience all I have for you, and even more than you thought possible.

For I have expanded your capacity even further than you previously perceived. I have expanded you even wider, even higher, even deeper than you previously perceived. And with this awakening to this reality, your perception of present difficulties will be changed. For you will see your small problems, as truly small. You will see your easy obstacles, as truly easy. You will see your light, and momentary afflictions, as truly light and momentary, no longer investing and believing in their power.

For you will walk in the light, as I am in the light, and you will discover there is no darkness within you. Understand I am filling your mind with thoughts, thoughts of hope and of your future. I am filling your heart with emotions, emotions of joy, hope, peace, and love. I am filling your circumstances with my presence, and in my presence there is fullness of joy. So do not continue to settle for less than what has already been given you, but adopt the full spectrum of what I have for you and what I am saying to you in this moment. For though you will experience hardship and resistance in this world, rest assured I have overcome them all.

And in our union and fellowship together you will not only understand your position, but will also apprehend and manifest it too. For our union is not a mere intellectual understanding, based on comforting thoughts and emotions, but is also a cosmic and permanent union, with real, tangible results and demonstrations. So expect as you walk with me, and are influenced by me, that your life will also continue to change as you grow. Expect as I speak and you hear and you follow, that tomorrow will turn out differently than yesterday, and that the hope of tomorrow will not disappoint you.

I will show you what you will possess. I will show you what is yours already. I will show you reality that is beyond what your eyes have seen, beyond what your ears have heard, on to what is long lasting and eternal. And in this way you will understand and appreciate your present position this day, knowing better who you are, and where you are going. You will abide in a state of peace and understanding, no longer floundering in confusion and disappointment.

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