Ability To Clearly See The Opportunities Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  July 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

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In this day and in this present season I am unveiling new opportunities before you. I am highlighting opportunities previously closed, but also highlighting opportunities that were present but you did not recognize. With this documented in the front of your mind you will not only experience new opportunities, but your discernment and ability to detect will also change, allowing you to recognize and accurately identify the opportunities already made available to you. (1)

As this occurs and develops you will see your present circumstances differently. Though your situation is not different, your discernment will give way to a new perspective and understanding of your present setting, thus allowing you to see opportunities and identify solutions to problems previously thought to be impossible.

There will certainly come days in which you will encounter closed doors. There will certainly be days in which you will not be able to advance, but there will also be many, many days in which the opportunity to advance has been made available, though you did not recognize it. (2)

So in this moment, consider your heart and consider your state. In this moment, consider what I have said, and what I have placed before you and inquire of me to see if I have truly closed these doors, or if it is more of your interpretation you are projecting upon this day. I am adjusting your understanding by expanding your discernment, so that you will see your present landscape very differently. As a result, you will begin to respond to it very differently. I am opening your eyes to see what you could not see in the past, and making your path plain and straight, even though it will not always be easy, or enjoyable. (3)

Do not mistake ease for illumination, for I will point you in the right direction, but this does not mean it will be entirely easy for you. Certainly in this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world and all these things as well. Understand this as I speak to you so you will not miss, nor misunderstand, what I am saying and what I am giving you. For the revelation of your present circumstances this day will be enhanced, so you will clearly see all the opportunities set before you, especially those that were previously undetected, unrecognized, or unacknowledged. (4)

(1) Isaiah 43:19, John 13:7
(2) Isaiah 22:22
(3) Proverbs 3:6
(4) John 16:33

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