Absolutely No Need To Fear The Fire

Neil Vermillion —  May 29, 2019 —  Comments

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Consider the issues of your heart. Consider this day the things important to you, and take inventory regarding the thoughts and emotions occupying your life day after day. There is coming a time of confrontation, a time of correction, a time of extracting poisons needing to be removed. Take time now to prepare your hearts while you are able, so you can fully enjoy the process, but also capitalize upon it. (1)

In the days of correction time will be brief, so the methods may not feel gentle. In the time of correction it will not feel pleasant, and you will not enjoy it. As you prepare yourself today, laying the groundwork of a solid and righteous foundation, the results for tomorrow will multiply accordingly. Your progress will be faster, more efficient, and as you grow into the maturity of the fruition I have intended for you. (2)

I am drawing my people close to me, refining the issues of their hearts, and correcting all that needs to be corrected in their minds, for the idols and limits presently in control will not continue to remain in power. The refiner’s fire will melt away all impurities, known and unknown. All that is substandard will melt, and be removed, but all I have placed within you will surely remain and be strengthened. (3)

So understand, there is absolutely no need to fear the fire of correction. Though it will be painful, you will survive. All I have placed within you will remain, while all the junk, debris, and impurities will melt and be removed. Though it may take a bit of adjustment today, set your hearts and minds to anticipate, with joy and eager expectation, the great things birthed as a result of the fire of correction. When you see the completion you will reflect and wonder why you procrastinated, why did you not embrace the fire sooner, why did you not proactively seek it out. (4)

Just as there is pain in child birth, this pain is soon forgotten once the birth is complete and new life has been born, and so it will be with you. The joy will sustain you, and the purity in which you live and move will keep you. It will be glorious and wonderful, though initially it will be foreign to your unpurified mind. (5)

Trust and know this is where I am taking you, my Dearly Loved Ones. I am setting you on the course to experience the fire of my correction in order to see you more fully manifest the greatness currently hidden within you. Know this process is where you are headed, and do not be confused as you see the fire approaching. This fire is my will for you. This fire is my plan for you. This fire will come to you, refine you, mature you, and liberate you in due season. (6)

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