Accept The Gifts Placed Within You

Neil Vermillion —  December 1, 2015 —  Comments

For within you is a grand desire, and today I am encouraging you to fan that desire into a flame. For I have placed desires and passions, goals and plans, visions and imaginations within you. So understand these things are from me, so do not abandon them, do not neglect them, do not ignore them, for I have placed these within you. And they will serve you, guide you, and inspire you. They will even speak to you at times and you will be encouraged as you steward them righteously and appropriately.

And in this place of pursuit of your goals you will be refined. For there will be adventures, trials, preparations, and experiences you will encounter along the way in your pursuit of these goals. And these experiences will shape you and mold you into the true self I’ve created you to be. You will be confronted with your weakness and limitations and it will cause you to grow and appreciate things in greater measure than before.

And while some of these lessons will be difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful, they will serve you well if you will embrace and receive them. If you will allow your heart, mind, and spirit to be, and remain, open you will be receive all the wisdom and knowledge I have for you, and you will be amazed. You will be amazed how detailed my plans are for you. You will be amazed how well I am will prepare you, unite you, and put you on the right path for the right time.

So as you feel your heart burning within you, and you see new things emerging in your heart and mind, understand these things were given you from above and they are part of who you are. They are part of your composition, part of your DNA. They are part of your call, purpose, and destiny. So inquire of me, and inquire within yourself to ask what you are passionate about, and accept and embrace these things with courage.

Be bold in accepting the gifts I’ve placed within you. Be bold and daring in your pursuit of the vision I’ve placed within your heart. You will find this path to be the road less traveled, the narrow path full of risk but also full of reward.

So let me encourage you to say yes to my still, small voice, that voice that speaks to you, inspiring you to move to the left or to the right, rather than to stay on the popular path among the status quo. Follow my spirit as I guide you. Follow these things I’ve placed before you and you will discover how they all work together.

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