Accepting Your Identity And Your Mission

Neil Vermillion —  April 11, 2016 —  Comments

As you step forward, knowing I am with you, I will show myself strong on your behalf. For as you move in faith, believing, you will begin to manifest and demonstrate my spirit within you. And though you would like everything to be accomplished easily and immediately, know there is a process of growth and development at work within and through you. For I see you finished, and I know where you are going, so I am guiding and directing you with all these things in mind. But this does not mean you will travel and arrive without incident, without struggle, without confusion, or without delays.

For surely these things will come. But though they come, they are but weak, they are but small, they are but temporary. So do not allow yourself to grow tired or weary. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged as you encounter these minor afflictions along your journey. For they will come, but they will not stop you. They will not stop you if you do not allow them to stop you.

Remember I have chosen you. I have called you. I have made you my own. I have put my seal upon you and marked you as mine forever and ever! As you remember this, also remember I have not only chosen you, but I have also commissioned you. You have been chosen, but you have also been assigned to accomplish. So step forward, believing your potential, and believing in the person I have created you to be. Believe in the person I have called you to be, even though you may not be fully developed yet, even though you may still have room for improvement, even though you may lack certain essential things, even though you may not be fully matured just yet.

Believe not only in the person I have created you to be, but also believe in the call I have placed upon and within you. For my purpose for you is great, and the call upon your life is irrevocable. The call upon your life is no small thing for it will propel you, inspire you, motivate you, and even perplex you at times – and you will not be able to escape it. You may attempt to deny it, however you will not be able to escape it. For I have planted it within your very core, the very essence of who you are. And while you may not always enjoy the burden of your call, you will not be able to escape it for it is part of who you are, part of your genetic code, part of your very essence.

And as you accept and embrace both your identity, and the call upon your life, you will grow in boldness and confidence knowing not only do I love you permanently, but also knowing I have chosen you to go and accomplish. And with knowing and accepting your identity and your call you will become more focused, more resolute, and more powerful as you continue to pursue what has been set before you, even this very day.

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