Acknowledge And Receive The Solutions I Give You

Neil Vermillion —  July 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even though the road before you looks long and difficult, know I am with you. Even though it seems dark at times, and as if the incline is too steep, remember my great strength. Even though you seem to be surrounded by a cloud of confusion, know I will guide you and comfort you, and bring you through all these things, even against your knowledge, understanding, or cooperation at times.

I am brining clarity to your heart, so you will understand the real issues you are wrestling with. I will bring illumination and identification to the emotions and motives active within your heart. And from this place of seeing and understanding you will be able to discern truth, from half-truth. As you acknowledge what I reveal to you, my spirit will also supply you with the proper remedy to deal with these issues. For the real obstacle is not in merely identifying the problem, but with implementing the remedy I reveal to you. The real obstacle becomes the practice of making a choice to reject what I have revealed to you to be untrue, and in doing so also accepting what I have also revealed to you to be absolutely and completely true.

For in your rejection of untruth you will be required to turn your back on a path that is known, in order to accept a path that seems to be unknown. Even though it is unknown, it will be good for you, so do not fear what I reveal to you, but accept it and embrace it. Hold it close to your heart, even though it is foreign to you initially. Hold it before your eyes, for in absorbing and digesting it you will be able to take the appropriate action, according to what I have shown you, rather than according to the same mindsets that led you to your problems in the first place.

Not only will I grant you revelation, but I will also grant you understanding. Not only will I grant you understanding, but I will also grant you the strength and courage to follow and implement my prescription. I will not leave you without hope, without choice, without options, but will give you the understanding along with the strength and courage to implement it.

I will give you all that you need, and will do so generously, and patiently time and time again. So recall my promises, and the sentiments I have spoke to you already. Recall the identity I have revealed to you, the person I have created you to be. Recall the inspiration I have given you, and compare it against the seemingly difficult obstructions you are now faced to deal with and confront. For all these things are small in comparison to what I have given you already.

There is no need to over-think or over-complicate the issues of the day, but simply acknowledge and receive the solutions I give you, along with all the resources I have already supplied you as well. Walk in simplicity, even though it will not always be easy. Walk in simplicity even though it will challenge you, and require you to reject ideas, notions, and mindsets that are so familiar to you. They seem so comforting, as though they are part of the fabric of your being. In spite of this, continue to abide in the simplicity of my spirit, and face with the courage every obstacle in your path this day.

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