I Am Activating Your Heart And Circumstances

Neil Vermillion —  October 17, 2016 —  Comments

Today is a day of opening new doors for you, new doors of understanding, new doors of opportunity, new doors of relationships. There are so many doors opening before you these days it will be confusing for you to discern them all. So allow me to guide you in the direction of my heart, knowing I am moving you in the direction you need most. For I will guide you to the destination I have for you, and will help you along the way, day by day.

And all of these doors open before you will be a blessing. I am opening up new things for you, and doing so to bless and increase you. So as you see so many opportunities presented before you, as you see new potential and possibility, as you acquire knowledge, experience, and understanding, understand and know this is the season I have set before you. So do not hesitate, do not be bashful, shy, or apprehensive in this day, for I have made all these things freely available to you.

So drink from the fountain of my bounty, and do so frequently. For I have so much to share with you, so much to give to you, so much to bestow upon you, and within you, that it will overwhelm you if it happened all at once. So move forward in boldness and confidence, knowing I have chosen you, and knowing this is the day and hour for you to advance. Today is not a day for you to ponder. Today is not a day for you to reflect and consider. Today is not a day to formulate, speculate, or contemplate, but today is a day for you to absorb, acquire, and initiate.

So advance quickly, and do so with all your strength and endurance you can muster. For as you sow, so shall you also reap. Sow generously. Sow more extravagantly than you ever have, more extravagantly than you think is reasonable, for in the days soon coming your harvest will be abundant and will be multiplied in direct proportion to how you have sown. Take the seeds I’ve already given you, and sow them generously. Do not eat your seeds, but plant them, for they will produce a harvest for you that will not only supply your needs, but will also give you the increase you need as well.

So take action today, without waiting, without hesitating, for I am breathing upon you, I am awakening and inspiring you, I am activating your heart and your circumstances, for today is surely the day I am opening so many doors for you – more doors than you can fully perceive or comprehend.

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