Additional Insights And Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  April 12, 2016 —  Comments

Do not allow yourself to be confused, frightened, or overwhelmed as I continue to bring greater and greater revelation to you. For when you were young I spoke to you as a child, but as you have grown I have chosen to speak to you as an adult. And so in the same way, as you have grown, and have done well with all I’ve given you in the past I am giving you more. I am giving you additional insights and understanding even this very day.

For I have shown you things from a distance but now I am also showing you these same things up close. I am showing you details you did not perceive before. I am showing you new angles, new insights, new perspectives, and new possibilities – all regarding that which I’ve already given you. So as you begin to perceive these new perspectives do not allow this to overwhelm you. Do not allow this to confuse you. For surely in the past you saw clearly. You saw with accuracy, but now I am enhancing what was already given you. So do not think you saw it incorrectly simply because you did not see it completely.

For these new insights will bless you. They will help you. They will empower you and cause you to be effective. So receive and digest all I am continuing to show you, knowing there is more in store than you could fully comprehend or understand all at once.

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