Adopting My Ways Of Thinking

Neil Vermillion —  February 5, 2016 —  Comments

Though you have come so far, and though you have done so well and are very experienced, in many ways you are only just beginning. In your mind you see your life as a line, with a single thread, with a single path, with a single destination. But I see you very differently. I see your path very differently. I see your future, your past, and your present very differently. So with your present understanding you have one particular perspective, but this perspective, while good, is far from complete.

So in your limited perspective be slow to judge and be slow to presume. For there are many, many pieces of your puzzle that have not been given you yet. There are many things you do not yet perceive – much less understand. So hold on, but do so loosely for there are many adjustments you will experience as you continue on your individual path. There are so many additions and so many surprises you will encounter along the way. It will behoove you greatly to hold loosely, for you are just beginning.

As you continue to walk with me over the course of time you will begin to understand. You will begin to understand timelines more and more the way I understand them. You will begin to understand destinations more and more the way I understand them. You will begin to see the value and nature of experiences, tests, and processes and how they yield certain outcomes and certain results.

And over the course of time you will learn to dismantle your backwards ways of thinking, and will adopt my ways and thinking. You will adopt my heart, my mind, and my spirit, and we will enjoy the fellowship of our union together. You will no longer continue to be double-minded, but will be single-minded, possessing confidence and clarity who you are, who I am, and who we are together.

You will no longer continue to see your life as a single thread, a single path with a single destination, but will perceive your life, and yourself, more and more closely to the way I perceive your life. For I will show you and you will understand. I will teach you and you will receive it. I will make it plain to you, and they mystery and confusion of it all will fade away.

And you will look to the future and see my face. You will look to your past and see my handiwork. You will observe your present reality and experience the cuddle and embrace of my furious love for you, and will be at peace. You will be unshakable as you forget how to fear and doubt.

As you forget these things you will no longer hold to your icons, your symbols, or your sacred cows for you will outgrow them and discard them. You will seek me face to face, and know me heart to heart, and will hear the whispers of my still, soft voice in our intimate embrace. And the former shadows will evaporate leaving no trace of their existence. They will fade away as you continue to drink from me, enjoy me, and fellowship with me in all things.

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