Advancing Into The Mysteries Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  September 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you disconnect from the distractions of the day, the pressing items that seem to demand your time and attention, you will begin to not only observe me differently, but experience me differently too. You will understand what you saw previously, but could not understand. You will not always observe new things, activities, or manifestations, but you will most certainly grown in your ability to understand them. Some of you will see more, but all of you will understand more, for as you engage with me, you will come to know me. And as you know me, you will likewise begin, and continue, to understand me. (1)

For I am a great and terrible mystery to you. I am beyond your own understanding and beyond your own definition. While I have revealed myself to you, making you my children, there are core aspects you have not processed or comprehended fully. There is a tension within this paradox of my revelation against my mystery. There is a tension between what is known, against what I am that is still unknown. So as you partake of my fellowship, know what you see is true, what you know is good and also true, but is incomplete. What you have is right, but there is still far more beyond what you have measured, known, or even perceived. (2)

So allow me to quiet the noise of the day and the clutter of your calendar. Allow me to brush away all that is not essential in order to accommodate all that is. Allow me to reprioritize the events, goals, plans, and even relationships that occupy your time, your heart, and your mind. As I do, you will have greater availability to entertain and engage with all I have for you, all that is essential not only in this moment, but for the time and age to come as well. (3)

You see and understand time in a linear fashion, but I see it with depth and width as well. You see events one-dimensionally, but I see them multi-dimensionally. Consider this as I reveal myself to you. Know there will be limits to your comprehension founded in the presumptions you hold in order to make sense of the vast and overwhelming nature of who I am, but also the world around you. Recognize this, for I will dance outside these limits and will overload the switchboard as you allow me to redirect your focus, and burn out the chaos and minutia of the temporary. (4)

I will remind you of the value and importance of this day, even this very moment, and will do so with grace and gentleness that will allow you to let go of the control you clutch to in order to feel secure. In this place of quiet surrender you will find and experience your freedom. You will experience freedom from the tyranny of the urgent and will ingest together with me, a diet of the eternal.

I will awaken you, and will also sustain you. I will activate you, and will also preserve you. I will guide you, and will also inspire you. In all things I will be all you need, and will supply you with what you lack, allowing you to move beyond what you already know and hold to be true, in order to advance into the deeper mysteries and revelations of who I am.

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:12
(2) 2 Corinthians 3:17-18, 1 Corinthians 2:9
(3) Psalm 18:35
(4) Revelation 22:13, John 16:13

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