Advancing Past Habits And Mindsets Of Yesterday

Neil Vermillion —  March 25, 2016 —  Comments

Yesterday I broke open doors to reveal mindsets within you. I revealed both limiting and expansive mindsets you currently carry. So today I am offering you another option, another day, another opportunity to choose which you will listen to. For I have presented before you death and life, so choose life. Choose the most excellent path. Choose the direction you know to be right, noble, and true.

For in doing so you will add to your years. You will deny your mistakes. You will advance further than you thought you could, and will do so more quickly than you thought you could.

I have made so many options visible to you, so choose those which I have revealed to you. For you could go in many different directions, and it has overwhelmed you in the past. But today, listen to my voice, and understand I am tugging on your heartstrings, propelling you to advance forward. So listen to my voice and as you do, disregard the numerous options you have, and focus on what I am highlighting before you today.

Do not allow your present circumstances to confuse you. Do not look to your past as an indicator which direction you should choose for today. For I am breaking you away from habits and mindsets of your past – learn from them, but do not continue to model them. Do not continue to repeat them. Do not continue to eat yesterday’s manna.

As you break from the habits of yesterday you will exercise your faith. You will activate your courage. You will engage with me on a deeply personal, heart-to-heart level, and it will invigorate you so much as you do. You will perceive my still, small voice. You will perceive my presence. You will perceive my activity in your heart, in your life, and in your circumstances. And this will be terribly gratifying for you.

For you will know without any doubt I am there. You will know without any doubt I have made my plans known to you. You will understand there is more in store for you than you originally conceived. And your heart will be at rest, knowing this and trusting I will bring all these good things to come about in their due season.

So as you consider the limiting, as well as the expansive, mindsets I have revealed to you, and as you consider which to remove and which to adopt, remember I have revealed these things to you and have spoken to you clearly. Though the plans for tomorrow sound different than your past, even different than yesterday, and most definitely different than you originally conceived, accept it and go with it.

For I am doing a new thing within you, advancing you past yesterday’s habits, past yesterday’s mindsets, past yesterday’s limits. And I am ushering you into a new paradigm in which you will possess greater understanding, clarity, and confidence.

I am pressing you in new directions, and inspiring you to cut away and discard what is no longer needed, and is holding you back. There is no need to search and seek yesterday for the answers of today. So do not look to your past. Do not look to what is familiar to you, for you will not find the new answer in the old. But you will find what you need in the new, if you will be willing to accept it, instead of rejecting it.

So do not think like you did yesterday. Do not behave the way you did yesterday. Do not choose the way you chose yesterday. For yesterday is gone, and that season has passed. Do not attempt to eat yesterday’s manna, but look to me and I will give you fresh manna for today. I will give you the fresh rhema you so desperately need and desire. I will shower you with my extravagance continually, and you will swim in the delights of this present moment, no longer looking to the past.

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