I Am Advancing You More Quickly Than You Would Like

Neil Vermillion —  January 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Today I am moving you forward, but doing so quickly. I am pressing you, pushing you, compelling you through circumstances to grow and to move forward. But I am doing so in a rapid manner, at a pace that is quicker than your disposition for comfort would like to suggest. So understand, this is a time for advancement, not a time to wait. This is a day to take action, not a day to rest. Understand I am advancing you more quickly than you would like to move, so do not resist me as you see my hand moving your circumstances.

For I see your potential within you and I am beginning to call out to it. I see your strength within you, and I am beginning to activate it. I see your heart’s passion and I am beginning to awaken it. But this process of awakening can look messy at times. It can be quite uncomfortable to you at times. It can look a bit uncertain at times. So as you see deadlines quickly approaching, and feel as though you are still not prepared, understand this is my hand moving you forward at a quicker pace.

So run with me as best you can. Allow me to guide you, but to push you too. Allow me to inspire you, but to also compel you to go the extra mile. For though much has been accomplished already, still the path before you has much more waiting in store for you. So do not grow tired or weary in your well doing, but shake the dust from your sandals and run with perseverance. Run with swiftness, speed, and endurance, for the race set before you is both long and hard. Run without thought or fear of failing or stumbling. Run without thought or fear of accident or mistake. Run without thought or fear of consuming all your resources or spending your reserves. For in all these things, in all these days, I am with you every step of the way.

And you will encounter so much more than the fears you project in your mind’s eye. You will encounter delight, adventure, growth, wisdom, and sacrifice. And all these things will be set before you, and you will pursue them all, and acquire and accomplish all I have in store for you in this day, even though I may press you to advance more quickly than your disposition for comfort would suggest.

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