Advancing You Past The Status Quo

Neil Vermillion —  December 18, 2019 —  Comments

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I am moving on your heart and mind to bring you past your present limits. I am moving you past the status quo and advancing you to the realms I have in store for you. I am working in your circumstances to get your attention and open your eyes and ears, so you will see me moving, for there are things I have done already, but you did not discern it. (1)

There were things in your life I used to attempt to awaken you and get your attention, but you did not perceive it. So now, I am continuing with the good work I have started in you as I move and shake your heart and your mind. I am helping you learn of me as you discern the move of my spirit. I am shaking and moving things, and even bringing about new levels of expectations within you. I am applying pressure strategically, in order to redirect the issues of your heart, for I am working to push you past your obstacles. I am stretching your mind and expanding your concept in order to remove these limitations. (2)

While you aspire to move past your limits, many times you are motivated by your own desires and reasoning. Many times you want the right thing, but you are unable to find it, so I am helping you in this way. I see your heart’s desire to want to do the right thing. I see your circumstances and know where you are, as well as where you have come from. I am working to meet you right where you are, to assist you in this space, and to help you overcome the limits you have been experiencing. (3)

I will set you on course to learn what you need to learn. I will bring people into your life to guide, train, correct, and even discipline you. Though uncomfortable in the moment you experience them, all these things will enable you to surpass all the hindrances that have held you back, allowing you to break new ground and advance forward. I have put my grace upon you to empower you, and I will cause you to prosper. (4)

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