All I Have Intended For You

Neil Vermillion —  July 2, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this moment I am not only moving you into brand new directions, but adding to the experience you already possess. I am taking core habits and practices and adding additional insights and understanding so you will see innovations and adjustments you could not see in the past. I am expanding what you know already. I am expanding what you are already able to do. I am capitalizing on your existing base of knowledge base as I continue to make it deeper.

With this in mind, do not look to the horizon of tomorrow with expectations of new things to be given, for much of what you will experience in this present season will not be new, but will be a reintroduction and reiteration of what you already know. Look to the same and familiar routine acknowledging its value, knowing it serves its purpose, but also that it is giving birth to new understanding by means of new interpretation.

Remain sensitive and alert in the day to day activities of your calling, for I am highlighting small and incremental changes that will open up new conversations and new applications. In these new adjustments you will surely come to learn what you could not, or did not, learn in your past. I am working with you this day to empower you to observe what you could not see before, even though it was already there.

I am giving you brand new revelation, as well as additional depth to existing revelation. Both will be needed and both will be given, so that you will lack nothing that is essential. You will acquire, process, and understand all you need, including interpretation and discernment for today, as well as a heightened awareness and understanding for tomorrow.

As you remain faithful over the course of time you will see it come to pass, the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. You will see how each day is significant in its value and its progression. You will perceive the value and appreciate its worth, for in all these things you will advance, and will surely acquire and accomplish all I have intended for you.

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