All I’ve Called You To Be

Neil Vermillion —  October 23, 2015 —  Comments

Even though you desire to stay in your realms of comfort and familiarity I am requiring you to move past them, into new realms and new experiences. I am stirring up the gifts within you, taking you further in their development and refinement. For it is my desire to continue to increase you in the areas I’ve purposed within you. It is my desire to take you higher and higher, further and further, and better and better than in days past.

For I have given you gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and purpose for a reason. I have planted destiny within you and have equipped you to be able to accomplish this destiny. And though you are made for friendship and relationship, you are also made for purpose and to accomplish as well. So do not fear. Do not worry. Do not fret how you will learn what you need to learn. Do not concern yourself with the “how” of the moment. But rather, trust in the process I have already initiated within you. For I am your shepherd moving you closer and closer to the destination in store for you, even though you do not always perceive it or understand it.

For my plans are to not only take you to your final outcome, but also to equip you along the way. And while you will acquire the skills and experiences needed in your time of transition and training, you will also be transformed in your heart and mind as well. You will be changed in your ability to execute with competence and a high level of skill, but your heart and character will also be changed along the way.

Both will be required of you. You will be required to accomplish, and you will be required to alter your character too. And I most certainly will accomplish them both in the course of your life, for these are my plans for you, my Dearly Beloved. I will help you. I will love you. I will guide you. I will teach and train you. And I will bring you through the wilderness periods, into the green valleys where you will find your rest. And in me all these things will be accomplished for apart from me you can do nothing.

So as you feel your desires within your heart being awakened, increased, and stirred, understand I am shaking them up in this day and hour. For I am taking you higher and further in your giftings, and bringing you to a higher level of competency in all I’ve called you to do, and all I’ve called you to be.

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