All The Little Details

Neil Vermillion —  July 6, 2016 —  Comments

The little details are still important. Though they are small, they are not insignificant. Though they are easy to overlook, still they matter. So as you continue to set your gaze upon your life today, do not overlook the small details, for they still carry impact. In your observation of details you will enhance your perspective and comprehension of the big picture. As you continue to observe these details in your life you will also begin to see and appreciate them in the lives of those around about you too.

It is in the little details you will grow. It is in the little details you will see. It is in the little details you will begin to understand what you did not understand yesterday. It is in the little details you will be given new ground, for your progress is made only as series of incremental gains. It is in the little details you will learn and observe what it yet to come. It is in the little details you will see what lays in store for you in your future. It is in the little details you will know me, feel me, hear me, experience me.

And all these things, though small, are significant, for nothing escapes my sight. Even the hairs on your head are numbered. Even the smallest of the small is recognized and noted. So when you feel so small, know I have not overlooked you. I have not ignored you. When you feel you are insignificant, remember I see even the smallest, most subtle details of your life.

And though you may feel small, you are precious to me. Though you feel insignificant you are dear to me. Though you do not understand it all, not today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, understand I know it all, and understand it all, and I have made allowances and provision for you. So enjoy the small things. Enjoy yourself as you see yourself as limited. Enjoy your limits and boundaries, for these things are given you by design. Enjoy where you are today, for this is precisely where you need to be. Enjoy those around about you, for they are your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters, your family – they are the ones I love most dearly.

And open your eyes today, once again, and see the world in the frame of all that is small and insignificant, and enjoy it while you can. Enjoy that which is here today and gone tomorrow. Enjoy the smallest of the small, and appreciate it all. For in doing so you will grow and learn, and you will increase in your appreciation of the here and now.

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