All You Have Ever Wanted

Neil Vermillion —  September 9, 2016 —  Comments

I know your heart and I see your doubts. You see the failures from your past and presume they will repeat in your future. You see the mistakes from yesterday and presume they will happen today. You see the imperfections in the world around you, and presume they are so big, so many, so vast, so overwhelming – but they are not. Those things are small in comparison to what I have for you, compared to what I am working within you, even this very minute. These things are not worth comparing to the glory waiting to be revealed in you, and through you.

So open your eyes and allow me to revive you. Open your mind and allow me to teach you. Open your heart and allow me to heal you. Open yourself to me fully, and you will not be disappointed. For I will not harm you. I will not lie to you. I will not deceive you, but will give myself to you time and time again. I will offer myself to you and never turn you away, my Dear One. I will never reject you, nor condemn you, but will welcome you in and invite you to my chambers, into my most private and intimate space.

And in our togetherness you will find what you are looking for, all you have ever wanted. You will find the answers to your questions. You will find the fulfillment you hunger for. You will find the security and safety you need, no longer trusting in inadequate devices that leave you feeling insecure and unsatisfied.

For in all my ways I will satisfy you. In all my ways I will empower you. I will kiss you and your heart will be free, remembering your pain and shame no more. So come close to me, and allow me to speak to you. Allow me to wash you in the warmth of my embrace. Allow me to reveal myself to you, for in knowing me you will discover all you have ever wanted or desired.

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