Allow Me To Guide And Govern Your Attention

Neil Vermillion —  January 31, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you continue to listen to my voice and heed what I am saying, know you will benefit by doing so. Know I say these things not to control you, but to guide and empower you. Take notice when I speak, and take notice of what I say, for as you do you will surely reap the rewards for doing so. And while there is a righteous desire within you to prosper, know it is also my desire for you prosper. Know I will not lead you astray, will not harm you nor deceive you, but will guide you to the path of optimal growth and reward, and will do so consistently, deliberately, and strategically with great attention to detail.

So do not worry about what is yet to come, for you will encounter all these things in the due course of process over time. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Instead, heed my words today and take the appropriate actions. Take heed, but also take action, for though I speak and give insights, I do so in order to guide your movement and activity, not only to guide your heart’s emotions and thoughts. (1)

Do not concern yourself with what has been left behind and ignored, for there will always be irrelevant details to obsess about. Do not allow yourself to be distracted with the clutter of the day, but remain faithful to the task at hand, allowing me to guide and govern your attention and priorities, even though my influence may seem counter-productive to you in the short term.

Even though you hear me, sometimes you doubt me because what I say is in contrast to your own plans, desires, and understanding. Embrace what I am saying, knowing there is always more… more to know, more to experience, more to understand, more to give, and more to receive.

Know as you remain consistent in engaging with me in all I am saying and doing this moment, you will naturally, and automatically, take care of the issues and concerns of tomorrow. For I am guiding you with all these things in mind too. Do not worry or fear, but receive all I am saying, doing so with an open heart and confidence in the outcome of the direction in which I am taking you. (2)

(1) Matthew 6:34, Matthew 11:12 (2) Ephesians 2:10

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