Allow Me To Guide Your Thoughts

Neil Vermillion —  August 29, 2016 —  Comments

As you think in your heart, so are you. So allow me to guide the thoughts you think. Allow me to govern, guide, and influence what you ponder and think upon. For I will guide you to life. I will guide you to peace. I will guide you to truth. And the thoughts of the past will be forgotten, remembered no more.

As I continue to guide your thoughts you will be transformed little by little. As my thoughts become your thoughts you will not only come to know me, and recognize my voice, but you will also understand me too. And as you come to understand me you will also understand my ways.

For my ways are not your ways and many times you are so confused by the way I choose accomplish my will. My ways have confused you. My ways have irritated you. My ways have even offended you at times. So allow me to continue to guide your thoughts, for in doing so I will reveal my real self to you and you will know me as I am, not the way you think I am.

As you know me you will understand my ways. And with this understanding you will be prepared to cooperate with me in greater unity. You will enjoy more peace, more happiness, more security and stability, more confidence in all the things set before you – especially that which you do not presently understand.

So open your heart to me and open your mind to me that I may guide, govern, and inspire your thoughts. In doing so you will enter into a new realm of wonder, a new realm of understanding, a new realm of being. For my thoughts will transform you, and you will begin to manifest more and more frequently, more and more consistently, more and more honestly the truth already within you, the truth you already possess and know.

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