Allow Me To Fill You With All I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 21, 2016 —  Comments

I will open one door after another for you. I will shine my light onto your path and you will see and know my will for your life. I will guide you and answer you. I will hear your voice and respond to your call. I will make myself known to you and you will know me in greater capacity than you ever thought possible.

As you look to the path set before you, allow me to illuminate the details that are important. Allow me to teach and instruct you regarding things that matter, regarding things of lasting importance. Allow me to draw your attention away from the worthless drivel of the day and put your mind on matters of lasting value and importance. For there is so much noise in your day. There is so much distraction in your environment. You trade what is valuable and lasting for things that are worthless and temporary, and you do not even realize it.

So as you set your gaze upon me, and upon my plans for your life, allow me to guide your thoughts and reveal priorities according to my timetable, and according to my standards and criteria. For you will find my priorities are most excellent, most righteous, most noble. You will find my priorities will surpass the delight of the cheap thrills you feed upon presently. My will for your life will bring you to places of greater ecstasy than you know. My will for your life will bring you to heights of greater experience than you can imagine.

So allow me to draw you away from the cheap thrills and inferior pleasures you currently entertain and consume, and allow me to reveal true, lasting pleasure and fulfillment to you. As you look to the path set before you do not only observe the work involved, even though the process and labor is very real. Instead, cast your gaze upon the fruits of your labor and observe all we will accomplish together, and you will taste and eat and see and know my goodness and how wonderfully satisfied you will be.

So open your mind to my revelation, and allow me to show you the great delights of my plans, my path, and my process for you. For you will be delighted, not disappointed. You will be excited, not discouraged or unfulfilled. You will be enamored and inspired, not depleted or disenchanted. Discard your idols and your imaginations and allow me to fill you with all I have for you – more than you can imagine, more than you can contain.

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