Allow Me To Speak To You Plainly

Neil Vermillion —  December 4, 2015 —  Comments

For there are so many, many layers of experience and knowledge laid before you. There are so many, many aspects of who I am that have not even been tapped yet. And still in your heart you presume to know me. You presume to understand me. You even presume to judge me. But as you continue to know me more and more you will find I am nothing like your childish ideas have lead you to believe. For though you do the best you can, you cannot fully grasp all I am, who I am, what I am.

So allow your mind to disengage and discard the preconceived notions that are so familiar to you, and learn to accept me as I am. Let go of your boxes and allow me to speak to you plainly, directly. Allow me to reveal who I am, all I am, to your heart and you will find I am very different than your conventional constructs have lead you to believe. And in this place of honesty, this place of discovery, your heart and imagination will be so charged, so activated, so invigorated you will be beside yourself.

For you will not be able to drink all of me. You will not be able to contain what I will share with you. You will not be able to consume all I have for you. You will not be able to fully comprehend all I am. And you will be delighted as you are amazed and enamored as you discover I am so much greater than you ever thought I was.

For you have seen me partially. You have known me partially. You have seen my glory from around the corner. But as you open your heart to receive more of what I have for you, as you discard your man-made paradigms, idioms, and schools of thought, as you reject convenient, logical, and reasonable explanations you will find I am so much more. I am so much more than your little boxes could ever contain. I am so much more than your instruments could ever measure.

And in this awareness your heart will become so alive in adventure, exploration, and curiosity. You will not be overwhelmed or terrorized, but will be thoroughly enamored in your discovery and exploration of me.

So come to me and seek me, and I will show you the depths of who I am. I will show you the questions you hold in your heart that you do not even perceive are there. And I will also show you the answers to the mysteries that compel you to go deeper.

So as you feel my spirit calling you out to deeper waters, to go beyond the conventions of the status quo, break free from your habits and mindsets and embrace the mystery and unexplainable nature of who I really am. For my supernatural essence will grab you and will draw you. And over the course of time in your discovery you will find you have lost yourself in the knowledge, experience, and presence of who I am, and who you are in me.

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