Allow Me To Sing My Songs

Neil Vermillion —  December 1, 2016 — Leave a comment

As I continue to show you the future, the destination in store for you, and the path marked out for you, I will also reveal the direction in which you will travel to get their too. Not only will I reveal where you will finish, but I will also show you how you will advance in your journey. And though you will see the end, and you will see pieces along the way, do not allow yourself to abide in doubt or confusion, simply because what you see today does not match with what I’ve shown you for tomorrow.

For tomorrow will come, and I will surely bring you there, but the distance between today and tomorrow is greater than you know. The distance in which you will travel, the circumstances you will experience, and the people you will encounter along the way will all make their intended mark on your history. They will all make their intended contribution to your collection of knowledge and experience. So understand, there are many things you will learn and experience along the way. There are many things before you that are still unseen and unknown to you today. So do not allow new developments and variations to the vision I’ve shown you cause you to doubt, or become apprehensive.

But instead, continue to advance with boldness and confidence. Continue to walk the path laid before you, and do so with joy and peace, knowing not only have I directed you to this very place, but also knowing I am with you in all these things. And together with me you will grow past your boundaries of yesterday. You will expand past the limits of years prior. You will touch and possess that which was beyond your reach, and you will go even further than you really thought was possible for you.

I will guide you, and motivate you. I will speak to you and reveal to you all the mysteries you care to know. I will show you the secrets hidden behind closed doors, for those willing to sit and listen. I will open up knowledge and understanding, and you will not remain the same. I will open up revelation and foreknowledge to you, and you will no longer look at yourself, nor your circumstances, the same ever again.

And it will be my great delight to do all these good things on your behalf. It will be for my good pleasure all these things happen. For it is my heart’s desire to reveal and bestow all these upon you, and even more. It is my heart’s desire to see you thrive, to advance, and to prosper in every way. It is my heart’s desire to see you overcome your obstacles, your misunderstandings, your limits, and your hurts of yesterday. So allow me to whisper in your heart. Allow me to drop my dreams in your eyes. Allow me to sing my songs to your ears. And you will hear me clearly, and know I am your God, the maker of all things, both visible and invisible.

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