Allow Me To Speak To You Daily And Guide You Continually

Neil Vermillion —  February 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you desire to learn of me, surely I will answer and fulfill your desire. I know you want to do the right thing, and you want to do it in the right manner, for I see the desires and plans within your heart. I see what you think about and I know what moves and motivates you. So allow me to inspire you with perspective and vision. Allow me to breathe upon the desires, plans, and goals I have given you. For I will guide you, but I will also motivate and instruct you too.

You believe you are doing this all alone. You believe you are responsible to accomplish my will, but to do so by yourself. You believe I have issued orders, and have left you to your own devices to accomplish them and make them happen. But nothing could be further from the truth, for I have given you so much – everything you need in fact. And not only have I given all you need, but I have also done the work for you – the part you could never do on your own.

So allow me to enlighten you, to shift your focus and your concern, to inform you of the reality of where you truly are, not just where you think you are. For I will speak to you truthfully and will correct your misunderstandings and presumptions. I will rectify the problems and we will cooperate together in a more perfect harmony and unity together. So as you desire to follow my will for your life, do not be hasty and venture forward without my guidance. As you receive the vision I have for you, do not make presumptions as to how you will accomplish it, but let me speak to you and guide you, not just initially, but daily.

For I will guide you in a most gentle and excellent manner, and you will find I will be very patient with you in every way. I will bring you to the best of the best, and will do so gradually and kindly. I will make it plain, so you are not confused, and I will make it clear, so there is no misunderstanding. Do not continue to venture on your own, but walk with me in fellowship, and dismantle the motivation in your heart to make your own path, and to be your own shepherd. For I will supply you with all you need, and even more. I will bring you through every difficulty, obstacle, and misunderstanding, and will do so in a righteous, glorious manner.

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