Allow Me To Whisper In Your Ear

Neil Vermillion —  December 19, 2016 — Leave a comment

When you are at your end, when you have reached your limit, take a moment to ponder and observe what I am doing and what I have already said to you. When you feel you have no answers, yet find yourself in desperate need, take a moment to listen to my voice, and recall what I have already spoken to you. For I will confirm my words to you when you need them most. I will remind you of the truth you already know. I will express myself to you gently, and in intimate detail, as you make space in your day to allow me to whisper in your ear.

Declutter your schedule and open your mind to my presence. Make time to sit with me, allowing me to speak to you gently, subtly, in a whisper of a small voice. I will speak to you so faintly you will easily miss it. But to those who have ears to hear there will be no mistake, no doubt you have heard my voice. To those who have ears to hear, I will whisper softly and the answers to important queries will be supplied.

For I know what you have need of before you ask. I have the solution to the problems you have not yet even discovered. I have the riches you need, the wisdom you need, the strategy and patience you need. I have all you need, and even more, so make time to sit with me and allow me to fill you with my delight. For my delight for you is essential. My wonder and curiosity and amazement is crucial to your well being, even though you do not always perceive it as such. Allow me to spark a fire in your heart. Allow me to kindle a flame in your mind, burning hotter and brighter the more you hear, and see, and process.

For I will show you what will amaze you and startle you. I will not hold you back to the realms of mediocrity and conformity, but will cut you loose, allowing you to stretch past your known experiences as you delve into the unknown mystery of the adventure I have laid before you. I have opened the door, but not supplied you with the answer. I have asked the question, but posed no clear answer. I have pointed you in a direction, but have not said exactly how to navigate the path.

Even though you know, you know partially, so allow me to continue to speak to you, to illuminate you, to guide you in the details of the day. Your heart will be free, and your mind will dream without limits. Your imagination will be challenged as you begin to drink from the universe of possibility waiting to be discovered. So open your ears and allow my whisper to guide you, speaking to you gently and subtly, for my whispers will be easy to miss.

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