Allow Yourself The Luxury Of Resting And Trusting In My Peace

Neil Vermillion —  December 15, 2015 —  Comments

For within you are many things. And within you are many paths, many directions, many options. But I will guide you. I will steer your paths. I will inspire you, and I will direct and orchestrate the timing of them all. For there are many layers, many aspects developing simultaneously. There are many directions progressing at different rates, yet I will manage them all. I will bring them all to their destined and scheduled fulfillment, and I will do so, not only excellently, but precisely on-time as well.

For there is nothing too hard for me. There is nothing too complex for me. There is nothing I have not already seen, acknowledged, or understood. So as you see events unfolding and circumstances developing in your own life, understand I have seen them all already, all them and all of their variations and possibilities too, and I have made more than adequate allowances for them. For There will never be anything that occurs out of my sight, out of my knowledge, out of my awareness. So let your guard down and allow yourself the luxury of resting and trusting in my peace, provision, and protection. For I will do my part and it will not require your wisdom or perspective in order for it to be accomplished.

Allow yourself the freedom to observe what I’ve already created and set into motion, and don’t concern yourself with navigating, contributing, altering, or “helping”. For what could ever stop me? What could ever slow me? What could ever sway or change my plans?

For you look at things with such a limited perspective, yet you’re so confident in your assessment. But as you grow in your perspective, and begin to see and understand your limits, you will will learn to let go more and more, and in doing so, will allow yourself to enter into greater union and cooperation with me, my plans, and my timing than you have in days past.

So be kind with yourself. Be kind with your neighbor. Be kind and enjoy where you are, knowing all these things are working for your good according to my plans and according to my timing. And though you do not understand it all, trust I am working. Trust I am moving. Trust I am guiding and navigating all things according to my purpose and my plans and according to my timing. And will be delighted and amazed as you watch it all unfold.

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