Allow Yourself To Follow Me Without Hindrance

Neil Vermillion —  February 13, 2019 —  Comments

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I am spirit and my people will know me by my spirit. Even these days you are feeling me move within your spirit. I am calling you to put away childish things. I am calling you to put away diversions and distractions. I am calling you to a place of greater sobriety, and a place of greater understanding. I am calling you to a more excellent way, and to know me and see me face to face. (1)

Know this unction within you is my spirit calling out to the deeper things. Know and trust I am moving on hearts, and doing so by the guidance of my spirit, not only in issues of the heart and mind, but also within circumstances too. Responding to this unction will require faith on your part. It will require you to say yes to the process but it will also require you to surrender yourself to me. It will require sacrifice at times, for though I have much for you, it will not always come easily, nor will it will always come quickly. You will have to sacrifice your personal preference at times. You will have to sacrifice your own desires to subordinate to the greater good. (2)

For the things I have for you are not cheap. These things are deeper. These things are intensely personal. So finding them, discovering them, understanding them, and even possessing them will require a process of preparation, sacrifice, and discipline. It will require additional effort. It will require additional growth. It will require time. It will require sacrifice as you make your choice to pick up your cross as you continue to follow me. (3)

For in all these things I am calling you out to deeper waters. There is much purpose within you. There are many plans and many gifts placed deep down inside you. There are many things still to be revealed, and you will not find these things in the shallow waters. The great adventure awaiting you will not be found in the harbor. It will not be found in the safety at the dock. It will only be found as you loose your hold of your anchor, let loose your security, and allow yourself to follow me without hindrance, untethered, unchained, and uninhibited.

As you move into deeper and deeper waters, there will be turmoil, there will be stress, there will be storms, but also know I am with you even in the midst of all these things. You have been fashioned to weather these storms, and to endure and finish despite setbacks, obstacles, or resistance. So as you see storms in your horizon do not think you are off. Do not look at them as greater than you, or possessing more power than you, for my spirit is going before you and making a way where there does not seem to be a logical or explainable answer for you. (4)

In the days of your storms I will be moving on your behalf and you will see the victory come in due season. As you continue to remain faithful, surely I will reward you. As you continue to follow me, surely I will not steer you wrong. Though at times you will have doubt, I will require you to push past your doubt, past what is known, and to step out in faith and walk with me together hand in hand. (5)

And this pushing you forward will set you free. Your heart and your mind will be released to think, love, follow, and live more freely. As you die to your old ways you will surely find your liberation. In your death to your old ways, you will surely find your destiny and fulfillment. So trust and know as you are faced with challenges and storms, you will be required to die to many things, but know this death will set you free. (6)

I am urging you to the deeper waters, and urging you to let go of your limits from days of old. I am urging you to release your preconceived notions, and urging you to abandon your comfort zones. As you step out, you will encounter me and know me, not just with your head, but also with your complete and total self. You will experience me in new levels and it will bond us together in new and amazing ways.

The adventure your heart desires will be found outside your present comfort zone. The great things you will accomplish will not be found in your current mindset. So as I continue to urge you to deeper waters, trust and know I am with you in all things. Trust and know I will take you there day by day, little by little, hour by hour. And we will climb the heights, and sail the seas of beauty of the plans I have in store for you, and we will do it together. (7)

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