Allowing The Greatness Within You To Break Forth

Neil Vermillion —  February 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

Today I am teaching you how to delight in my presence. I am showing you how easy it is to fellowship with me, to hear from me, to share with me, and to enjoy the union of our fellowship together. I am not giving you something new, but I am giving you an understanding to what I have given you already. I am awakening a curiosity and a hunger and a desire within you for deeper encounter, deeper experience, deeper intimacy with me.

And surely I will satisfy this desire for intimacy. Surely I will satisfy this craving for encounter. Surely I will not leave you frustrated and unfulfilled, but will shower you with my affections as we recline together in our embrace. For you were made for me, and made with a desire to know me, and to be known by me. You were made for deeper things than what you have tasted so far, for there is still more available to you, more than you presently know.

So allow me to awaken your heart, and allow me to awaken your imagination. For I will shake you up and startle you. I will shake your heart and shake your mind. I will shake your circumstances and rattle all that is within you. I will speak to your heart and will instill my vision within you. I will speak to your heart and will provoke your curiosity. I will speak to your heart even though you will not always understand it all at once.

Allow me to speak clearly and freely, and do not be discouraged if you cannot process it all with clarity and maturity immediately. Do not discard and reject my voice, but allow my spirit to sprinkle the seeds needed to grow and germinate within your heart. For as I speak I will also activate. As I speak I will plant, but will also awaken. As I speak I will shake what is sleeping and cause it to germinate, allowing the greatness within you to break forth and grow.

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